Horticultural Therapy Workshop at Waterperry Gardens

Horticultural Therapy Workshop at Waterperry Gardens

Spring time therapy at Waterperry Gardens

Well done to all the brilliant and dedicated Occupational Therapists and Rehab Professionals who travelled from far and wide to attend POP Gardens’ Horticultural Therapy Workshop on the 26th March 2019.

Clinical staff from forensic & acute mental health, neuro rehab, CAMHS, paediatrics and hospice care learnt about how to sow self-pollinating sweetpeas, sunflowers and tomatoes and the benefits of saving these seeds.

These useful plants offer multiple therapeutic benefits, particularly for individuals who are receiving end of life care. We also covered offering a daily dose of nature from the plant trolley!

Keep up the good work girls, Beatrix Havergal would be proud.

We’ve received some great feedback on the course, including:  “Everything was so useful – thank you so much”; “Enjoyed the planting & could see using the coir pots being useful. Great resources & course pack provided – Thanks”; “I loved the course – totally inspired & can’t wait to start/ continue.”; “The ideas for the trolley and bedside activities will be really useful.”; “All very useful & enjoyable & thought provoking.”; “Course content has all been useful.”; “This has been an amazing start to my STH journey. Will be keeping in touch”; “Really enjoyed the day & can’t wait to get on with our group”; “Really useful day for getting going with horticultural therapy with a whole range of settings. Thank you so much”; “You’ve done an amazing job. So pleased I managed to get on your course”.

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