What we do

Natural Health Service

Lynne created PoP Gardens when she realised that there is a gap in the market for providing specialised training for health professionals in horticultural therapy and a paucity of ready to use activity packs to support the work.

Specialist training

Horticultural therapy courses for healthcare professionals.

Therapy sessions

Delivering group horticultural therapy sessions.

PoP Garden boxes

Carefully prepared activity boxes to support therapy work in the garden.

Advice & Information

Option to work with the local team to advise on horticultural therapy.

Training & Therapy Sessions

A smiling sunflower which illustrates the health benefits of outdoor gardening activities
We are happy to come in and train your team in the key aspects of horticultural therapy, so that you can run your own sessions; or there is the option to organise a Group Session where we will deliver a Horticultural Therapy session on-site at your location.

Resources & Activity Boxes

A picture of a gnome in front of some plants from a gardening workshop
We can provide resources and activity boxes to be used for horticultural therapy practical sessions. These contain a specially collated set of plants and activity items for you to use, without the hassle of preparing them yourselves.

Advice & Information

Models of small people inspecting a strawberry to illustrate the benefits of gardening and eating disorders
Given the fact that Horticultural Therapy is a relatively new discipline in the UK, we can also work on a consultancy basis to advise and develop strategies for you to implement.