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Social & Therapeutic Horticultural sessions and resources

At PoP gardens we know that:

Plants are essential to all aspects of our daily lives. We need plants for food, medicine, shelter, for the air we breathe and the water we drink.

Humans have an emotional connection with plants, flowers and wildlife which stems from our evolutionary process. In other words, it’s in our DNA and dates back from when we were living in caves and foraging to survive.

We relate to plants in many different ways: some people like a particular family of plants, some people like hardy strong plants that virtually look after themselves, and some people choose plants for their good looks or for purely sentimental reasons.

After all plants are like us in that they need a solid foundation, a healthy environment that suits their needs, suitable companions, balanced nutrition, fresh air, sunshine and the ability to adjust in order to survive!

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To Connect People & Plants Through Organised Activities

Raising awareness of how familiar daily activities in our natural surroundings can improve our health, our physical & social environment. Using the power of plants to improve physical & psychosocial health through enabling participation in a variety of activities as prescribed by occupational therapists.



About Lynne, Who Started PoP Gardens

I am a registered Occupational Therapist with over 15 years experience in both physical and mental health practices as well as ‘end of life’ care. I have specialised in acute psychiatry, as well working with older adults with cognitive impairments. I have extensive experience of running therapy groups in a variety of settings. I am qualified in social and therapeutic horticulture as well practical gardening.



Working With PoP Gardens

You gain access to highly trained professionals, registered with the HCPC and the Royal college of Occupational Therapy, and with extensive experience of working with clients experiencing acute and chronic life changing conditions. Plus access to knowledge & advice with respect to health & safety and risk management policies in relation to group therapy in health settings.

Positive steps

in the right direction

Clients we work with

Health professionals and community support workers

Creating horticulture programmes in settings such as acute psychiatry; specialist services in areas such as forensic & eating disorders; and older people’s residential homes.

Working with us

What we can provide

PoP Gardens offers a flexible & bespoke service. We have experience of working in a variety of health settings, offering safe, cost effective & adaptable activities; based on research evidence in the UK, USA & Scandinavia.

The benefits

Why gardening is good for us

It provides opportunities to participate in a huge variety of physical and cognitively stimulating activities; socialise, make new friends and learn new skills.