About Us

Using plants

as therapy

A little bit about who we are

PoP Gardens has been set up by Lynne Evans who wanted to combine her expertise in Occupational Therapy with her passion for the practical benefits of gardening to support wellbeing and recovery.

"I created PoP Gardens with the realisation that there is a gap in the market for providing specialised training for health professionals and a paucity of ready to use activity packs." Lynne


Our style

is to make it fun!

A little bit about who we are

We deal with serious issues but handle them in a fun, enjoyable but always sensitive way. Our business style is captured by the little figures you will see across our website - fun, engaging and always positive.


Our specialist services cover training for healthcare professionals in horticultural therapy, delivering group sessions, providing advice and information on this area and we can provide carefully prepared PoP Garden activity boxes to support the practical delivery of sessions.

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What People Say

"I really liked that it encompasses more than just planting; speaking as someone who is very brown-fingered, I wouldn’t naturally be attracted to horticulture therapy but knowing the scope is wider than that makes me interested. I recall that when my physical health was very bad and I couldn’t do much at all to feel worthwhile as at the time I couldn’t even cut my food up or do the housework let alone work and I felt so useless – I got into going to Kew (became a member) and learned all about the healing power of plants and found the herb garden there a real inspiration. It gave me a sense of purpose in that I was learning something useful, and I could grow herbs, whereas most flowering plants I’m useless with."

Occupational Therapist

Peer Review

"Through support from Lynne, I was able to learn new gardening skills and adapt certain garden activities to suit my needs. The inclusion of a well planned herb garden as part of the new outdoor space has been instrumental in motivating me to develop an enthusiasm for healthy home cooking which has been key to changing my diet. Lynne also taught me to see gardening as a social activity and encouraged me to participate in local community gardening events Over a 12 month period and with support from Lynne for the planting of the garden, these activities have provided both physical and mental stimulus that has seen dramatic improvement in my overall health. "

Cardiac Patient

Support for people with Diabetes And Heart Disease