POP Gardens spring workshops at Waterperry Gardens and Penge

POP Gardens spring workshops at Waterperry Gardens and Penge

Health professionals discovered that plants are part of our day to day life. They are present in virtually all daily activities. Part of the day was spent looking at the relationship that people have with plants and nature and how this influences our cultural and artistic practices. We enjoyed a bit of poetry – ‘The Last Hedgehog’ by the brilliant Pam Ayres and thought about how poetry can be used therapeutically.

The afternoon practical session focused on the art of making hanging baskets and flower bowls. These beloved seasonal creations provide a comforting visual treat. We also delved into the world of seeds looking at associated creative activities, activity analysis and tried out a variety of seed sowing materials! We used a mixture of reliable and pretty flowers – petunias, calibrachoas, geraniums and verbenas as well herbs and dwarf beans.

You can find some of my personal favourite gardening related poems at the the Poetry Archive; these include The Trees by Philip Larkin, Summer of the Ladybirds by Vivian Smith, A Red, Red Rose by Robert Burns, Five Years Trying to Win the Flower Show & The Preservation of Flowers both by Julia Bird, Marigolds by Vicki Feaver and In the Tool Shed by Andrew Greig. There are also a fine collection of gardening poems in Jeremy Naydler’s book ‘Soul Gardening”; two I particularly like are I The Gardener & The Nettle in the Basil Pot.

I have also enjoyed reading the work of the poet & artist Edward Lear (1812-1888). This has inspired me to mix poetry and horticultural therapy. I loved his humourist take on people and plants and his simply brilliant sketches. This one below I have at home and it represents how chaotic and stressed individuals can present to Occupational Therapists whilst in recovery.

Manypeeplia upsidownia From Edward Lear’s “Nonsense Songs, Stories, Botany, and Alphabets” published in 1872, London

Finally, for more information on how occupational therapists help recover ordinary lives click here.

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This POP Gardens course in Cornwall is designed for individuals wishing to use horticulture as a therapeutic medium, social cultural activity and/or leisure play activity. It is suitable for health professionals, teachers, social prescibers and anyone who wishes to understand why working with plants is good for us. Horticulture has been employed by occupational therapists

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St Matthews Healthcare Northampton hosted a POP Gardens therapeutic horticulture workshop (16th April 2019) for their occupational therapists, therapy instructors, social workers and day centre staff. The group learnt: How OTs were the first profession to use horticulture as a therapeutic medium; A variety of artistic and cultural activities to use in their care homes

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Health professionals and gardeners at thePOP Gardens‘therapeutic horticulture workshop were able to experience first-hand, the restorative effects of the lovely surroundings atTrebah Gardens in Cornwall on Tuesday 2nd April 2019. Many thanks to Trebah Gardens for allowing the use of a room with a view of one of the UK’s most beautiful gardens!