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Introducing POP BOX™, the UK's only therapeutic gardening and art kit created by health professionals with wellness in mind. 

If looking after your team is your top priority then you are in safe hands with us.

POP BOX™ offers your staff a unique opportunity to experience therapeutic gardening and art all from the comfort of their own home.

Our kits include evidence-based activities that have been tried and tested by health professionals from around the world, that are guaranteed to improve mental and physical health.

Based on wellbeing principles, activities are easy to follow, rewarding and designed with success in mind.

Trusted & loved by globally renowned organisations

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Therapeutic Horticulture

What is it?

Did you know Gardening & Art have been used by Occupational Therapists for over 100 years in hospitals and community settings around the world? Working with 'live' plants that are responsive to care and attention has many psychological benefits and social rewards.

Gardening & Art have been proven to be:
   - Two of the most effective activities for improving mental and physical fitness for people of all ages;
   - Successful when used a alongside other treatment methods 

How do these activities work?
- Reduces stress hormones and blood pressure 
- Increases endorphins 'happy hormones'
- Offers a distraction from pain and physical discomfort
- Creative outlet for managing bereavement or living with a life limiting illness 
- Increases dopamine levels which help with managing substance misuse

Both activities tick all of the 5 Wellbeing Principles used and prescribed by the NHS which are: (1) Connect with others (2) Keep learning (3) Be physically active (4) Give to others and (5) Be mindful.

Seeds, Soil & Sun: Discovering the Many Benefits of Gardening

How POP BOX is helping employees like yours...

  • Improve Physical Health - Gardening is a great way to get some regular physical exercise and improve muscle strength and stamina, which maintains coordination, flexibility and balance. Gardening offers mild to moderate exercise which has been shown to help reduce Body Mass Index (BMI). 
  • Improve Mental Health  - Research shows that gardening leads to significant reductions in depression & anxiety, improved social functioning and helps prevent cognitive decline.  Implementing creative activities into a daily routine helps to release any stress or sadness as these activities stimulate dopamine production, the feel-good chemical in our brain. The effects of working with plants can really help you discover your health and happiness again.
  • Increase Emotional Wellbeing -  Experience success growing from seeds can lead to an increase in self-esteem, feelings of competence, and spiritual connection.
  • Promotes Self-Care and Compassion - Looking after plants is like looking after ourselves; it takes time and effort to thrive, so be kind to yourself and set aside time outdoors to do precisely what you want to do.
  • Support Recovery - Gardening is  widely used to support recovery from illness, injury and bereavement. 
  • Grow Your Own Healthy Diet  -  Research by the British Heart Association has shown that diets higher in plant foods and lower in animal foods may be linked to a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, or other cardiovascular disease, notably a 32% lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Fruit & Veg are also very important for positive weight management and managing diabetes..  

Enjoy A Creative Process

Gardening & Art requires the use of the hands, head & heart, which can be a transformative experience

Improve Health & Wellbeing 

Sowing seeds and working with live plants is psychologically proven to help reduce stress, restore a sense of wellbeing and make you feel happier

Learn How You Can Help Nature

Growing plants & flowers from seeds provides vital food sources for our native bees & insects and helps preserve our vital seed resources.

"I loved the idea of an all in one gardening kit to get me started. Having swapped the boardroom for the greenhouse this POP BOX has kept me occupied everyday for the past two weeks.

Using this fantastic horticultural therapy box has been a transformative experience and changed my views on how to use my garden for my health and fitness. It felt like I had a personal assistant in the garden guiding me on how to grow from seed. The easy to follow activity guides showed me how amazing and interesting seeds are to grow"

- Professor Des Evans OBE, former CEO MAN Trucks Ltd.

How and when would POP BOX work for your company?

As a general thank you to all your employees in recognition for all their contributions. A welcomed 'pick-me-up' reward after this last year

As a general thank you to all your employees in recognition for all their contributions. A welcomed 'pick-me-up' reward after this last year

Gifted to staff instead of a goodie bag at a conference or event

To celebrate an annual work anniversary or as a birthday gift

To new starters as part of their on-boarding process as a ‘Welcome’ Gift

An end of year Christmas gift to staff in recognition of their hard work

An experience as part of your benefits scheme or wellbeing programme. Gardening is a great way to break down social boundaries so why not try POP BOX for a team-building day?

Watch POP BOX in action...

Created by UK Occupational Therapists to optimise your wellbeing

POP BOX contains activities which cover the most valued benefits of therapeutic horticulture including a therapeutic process that has a meaningful end product.

Registered with the Health & Care Professions Council since 2003 

But don't just take our word for it...

"Few things can lift the spirits as easily as gardening, except perhaps allowing your creativity to flow. This innovative activity box from horticultural specialist POP Gardens lets you do both by harnessing the therapeutic powers of gardening and art, even if you've never previously planted a seed or picked up a paintbrush.

The box contains easy-to-grow seeds, soil growing pods, propagation tools, a botanical water colouring set and more, all designed to help reduce stress and boost your creativity. The perfect gift for a frazzled fellow gardener, or maybe just a calming treat to keep yourself." 

- Gardens Illustrated Magazine

We're confident we can help support your employees' wellbeing

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