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Seed Saving

Growing food and flowers from seed sowing is extremely rewarding for humans and is part of our heritage. It is also a cheap way of growing food. Many plants grown from seed produce flowers and fruits that provide nectar and pollen for endangered insects such as bees and butterflies.

Following the whole lifecycle of seed bearing plants is satisfying as seeds can be collected and saved for future use or passed on the friends and loved ones as living legacies.

Humans have collected seeds for 1000s of years which is valued in many cultures as a sacred and vital occupation to sustain life.

Saving our own seeds creates essential connections with plants, our food chain and our environment. In addition seed saving contributes to the preservation and conservation of our seed diversity. In fact, 94% of the world's vegetable seeds varieties has been lost over the last century due to wars, pesticides and hybridisation by large corporate companies. Some seeds such as the coffee bean and broad bean are on the endangered list.

What can we do?

Keep growing food from seed and keep sharing seeds in our communities

So start your seed journey with us and get sowing!  

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