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In need of a pick-me-up? POP BOX can brighten your day. 

Our gardening and art activities are aimed at restoring your mental and physical health. Beautifully curated by Occupational Therapist, Lynne Evans, who has used gardening and art in therapy groups for many years. The activities are easy to follow and aim to reconnect you to your creative self. After all, creativity is the route to recovery.



This POP BOX comprises carefully selected horticultural activities for the spring, ranging from low maintenance seeds to seeds that will require some physical effort once grown. The contents include:

  • Selection of 5 easy to grow, familiar seeds: sunflowers, beans, marigolds, sweet peas and radishes
  • Information Cards: “Facts & Tools” and “How To” cards for each of the five seed varieties and colouring cards, as well as a “Diary” card
  • Coir pods (15). These are made from compressed dehydrated coconut fibre. Just add water to a pod and watch it swell up. Its wrapped in fabric and so it stays intact
  • Coir Trays (3). These are made in a Sri Lanka village women’s co-operative from coconut husks. Trays can be used as storage for the coir pods during germination and then used as a seed tray for small seeds such as basil, lemon balm, coriander. The whole tray can be planted outside in the soil with seeds such as marigold
  • Propagation Tools – Dibber for making holes for sowing and a Widger to dig out the seedlings once sprouted for potting;
  • Wooden labels (15) to place in the pods or ground to record the date and name of the seed sown
  • Plant & Flower Colouring Cards printed on premium watercolour paper for each of the five seed varieties in the POP BOX
  • Professional watercolour paint set made from fine-grain, high-quality pigments in a range of full pan spectrum colours with a size 3 brush
  • Colourful Therapeutic Horticulture Activities booklet.