It's about People. It's about Occupation. It's about Plants.™

Benefit from the daily pleasures of gardening & art with the UK's No.1 Horticultural Therapy Box

...even if you've never planted or painted before

Proven Health Benefits

Improve your physical fitness

Manage your stress levels & improve cardiovascular health

Restore your sense of wellbeing 

  • Experience success learning to grow 5 easy to sow, familiar seeds: beans, chamomile, fennel, carrots and radishes. Sowing time from May-October
  • Paint your heart out with a stunning set of colouring cards & discover the therapeutic benefits of botanical art (*professional watercolour paint set included)
  • Explore a range of calming nature activities for health and wellbeing with your own therapeutic activity booklet designed by a UK Health Professional
  • Suitable for all ages & abilities, seasoned gardeners & wildlife lovers alike.
  • A truly unique gift idea: do you know someone special who loves gardening or art? Imagine their excitement when they receive this delightful and thoughtfully crafted floral pick-me-up... or keep as a treat for yourself

Horticultural Therapy....? What's that? 

"You've been told being outdoors, in nature, or even with indoor plants is good for you. It's true! And it's a proven way to foster wellbeing. Pop Box was created to support my work with patients.

You could call it 'therapy in a box'. An easy-to-use, step-by step way to implement horticultural therapy in your life.
A proven way to unwind, reflect, and grow (yourself- not just plants!).

Or, if you just want to get your fingers a little more green, or get someone else interested in plants and gardens, then Pop Box is just the thing, much-loved by our customers as a unique gift."

~ Lynne

Watch POP BOX in action...

What's in this magical Box? 

 We've carefully put together everything you need to get the result...meaningful time outdoors, the satisfaction of growing, and an increase in personal wellbeing.

1. Experience a relaxing way to paint with our Professional Watercolour Set & Brush (highest quality pigments).
2. Re-usable propagation tool-kit easily make holes for seed-sowing & to dig out the seedlings once sprouted.
Therapeutic Activity Booklet with wellbeing ideas and activities designed by a leading UK Health Professional.
4. Seed Trays for storing your pods during germination & Propagation Lids.
5. Light & Tactile Soil Pods to sow your seeds in. Just add warm water & watch them swell up! It's that easy!
6. Learn to paint, relax & unwind with Plant & Flower Colouring Cards printed on Premium Watercolour Paper.
7. Clear & Colourful “how to grow” & “Facts” guides for each seed.
8. 5 easy to grow, familiar seeds that benefit our native bees & insects: runner beans, carrots, chamomile, fennel & radish.
9. Fillable tea bags to make Chamomile & Fennel Tea while you enjoy your plants!
10. Wooden Labels to help record the date & name of the seed.

Gardening is for everyone. So is POP BOX™

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