It's about People. It's about Occupation. It's about Plants.™

POP Gardens Spring workshops at Waterperry Gardens and Penge

Health professionals discovered that plants are part of our day to day life. They are present in virtually all daily activities. Part of the day was spent looking at the relationship that people have with plants and nature and how this influences our cultural and artistic practices. We enjoyed a bit of poetry - ‘The Last Hedgehog' by the brilliant Pam Ayres and thought about how poetry can be used therapeutically.

Gardening Course

The afternoon practical session focused on the art of making hanging baskets and flower bowls. These beloved seasonal creations provide a comforting visual treat. We also delved into the world of seeds looking at associated creative activities, activity analysis and tried out a variety of seed sowing materials! We used a mixture of reliable and pretty flowers - petunias, calibrachoas, geraniums and verbenas as well herbs and dwarf beans.