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British Health Professional launches Gardening Therapy initiative

“Few things can lift the spirits as easily as gardening, except perhaps allowing your creativity to flow. This innovative activity box from horticultural specialist POP Gardens lets you do both by harnessing the therapeutic powers of gardening and art. The perfect gift.” – Gardens Illustrated Magazine  

Since lockdown commenced and having to cancel all her therapeutic courses, Senior Occupational Therapist Lynne Evans has been helping thousands across the UK and Europe with her innovative horticultural therapy activity boxes. Known as POP BOX, which stands for People, Occupation, Plants, Lynne has fused over 20 years of experience working in acute NHS mental health units to bring this transformative wellbeing box to the public.

Thousands of people have flocked to POP BOX, with all ages benefiting from these unique floral pick-me-ups, especially those struggling in isolation. Lauren, an accountant working from home in the Channel Islands reflected on her experience saying “POP BOX literally helped me get through lockdown, it’s honestly the best investment I’ve made this year”.

POP BOX has been snapped up by mental health organisations helping patients in isolation, large companies such as Headspace providing staff wellbeing packages, helping patients of Cancer Charities, Spinal & Brain Injury Charities and Youth Organisations in deprived areas of the UK.

Millions across the Globe have turned to gardening since lockdown begun, but for those without a large outdoor space or unable to access garden centres, POP BOX has been an instrumental resource providing therapeutic and creative outlets for all. And with mental health cases spiking to endemic levels, Lynne’s floral pick-me-ups have helped bring great joy to many through these troublesome times. Growing and sharing seeds of hope together.

Garden's Illustrated Magazine, the Vogue of the gardening world, featured POP BOX recently and people across the US, France, Germany, Sweden & Italy have found tremendous comfort in these special therapy boxes.

Lynne and her POP Gardens team have ambitious plans to continue scaling globally, with eyes on the US where horticultural therapy has amassed a huge following.

You can join thousands of fellow garden & enthusiasts and start your best-selling POP BOX journey here

As featured in: BBC Gardeners' World, Cornwall Living, Juno Wellbeing & Garden’s Illustrated Magazine.